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Atlantic Insurance Services has specialized in commercial and contractor insurance for as long as we have been in business.  You work hard to make your customers property look its best.  Trust Atlantic Insurance Services to protect your hard word through our network of insurance providers.  We will shop around for the best coverage a price to ensure that you are protected and covered.

Your legal services are not put out to bid, nor are your accounting services. WHY? Because you are not just buying the product that these professionals prepare – whether it is a legal contract or a financial statement – you are paying these professional advisers a substantial fee for their professional expertise and knowledge.

When you decide to buy insurance coverage to protect your business are you just purchasing an insurance policy? Of course not! What you are purchasing, in addition to the insurance policy, is the insurance knowledge and expertise of the insurance professional.

We believe that you should choose your insurance adviser on the same basis as you choose your lawyer or accountant – professional knowledge and expertise. We do not just sell insurance. We provide professional service and advice.

At Atlantic Insurance Services our goal is to provide prompt professional service and establish long-term relationships by satisfying your insurance needs as a professional insurance adviser.

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