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Benefits of Buying Through an Agent vs. Buying Online

Buying insurance online is certainly easy convenient but when you’re buying something to protect your home, assets, & your family’s financial well-being, should convenience be a determining factor?  I certainly don’t think so.  Many people who buy online are looking for the best price as fast as they can get it and that’s it.  That is not the way you …

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Minimum/Low Limits on Personal Auto Policy

Too many times we hear customers & potential customers tell us “I only need minimum limits, this car is a piece of junk” or “I only drive it to work a few minutes away, I just want to be legal”.  What people don’t realize is that you can do just as much damage with an ’87 Chevy as you can with …

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Why do you need a personal umbrella policy?

There are a number of reasons why you should have a personal umbrella policy. First, if you don’t know what a personal umbrella policy is, it basically provides excess coverage should the liability limits on your personal auto and/or homeowners policy be used up. For example, if you have a $500,000 personal liability limit on your homeowners policy and you …

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